I was lucky enough to get sent to Japan for work – and work I did.

When I wasn’t working or sleeping, I was eating… total surprise right?!

We were thoroughly spoilt by attentive & thoughtful service everywhere we went.

Here are the highlights:

Sake, tsashimi, green tea noodles in a dashi sauce, sake, soups that evolve, sake, fresh tofu, things flavoured with black sesame, sweet potato & umeboshi plum skewers Р(anything on skewers) and of course, kobe beef.  Delicious or Oishii

It was fresh, super fresh, with clean clear flavours Рall accompanied by sake Рcrisp & cool and complimentary to the food, and occasionally a beer.  Apart from the freshness, I was blown away by the presentation Рnot overly fussy but clever and clean and the most beautiful assortment of crockery.

It was overwhelmingly beautiful as an experience.