The perfect meal

Tonight I sat down to dinner and realised I was eating, for me, the perfect meal. It’s approximately:
80% alkaline
20% acid
50% raw
with home-made (not by me, by Doreen) turmeric sauerkraut





Breakfast like a king

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper.

This idea has been popping into my eyeline lately, I can’t even remember where I have seen it, but it’s been more than once, so I have been thinking about how to make that work. Today it all fell into place perfectly…

For breakfast I ate:
one avocado, picked from the tree
two eggs, scrambled, fresh from the chook house
three portobello mushrooms, from the supermarket, in lots of butter
green beans, also from the supermarket
sour cream, homemade (I am so fancy)
sauerkraut, from the ooooby box
and fresh ground coffee
followed by berries from the freezer with cream, except my child ate most of these

For lunch I ate:
four pieces of salmon sushi and a teeny tiny glass of white wine

For dinner I ate:
broccoli and pumpkin seeds
(and I might have a chocolate biscuit, coz they’re cheap too)